Ligament Sprains

The knee consists of an intricate system of ligaments that help guide motion and stabilize the area. Often these ligaments can become injured as a result of overuse or due to traumatic injury. When this happens it is commonly referred to as a “Knee Sprain”. The majority of simple knee strains respond well to manual therapy. More serious knee injuries may cause more significant tears to the ligaments. In these cases we will need to refer the patient for more advanced imaging and possibly a surgical consult.

Our Approach

We utilize Myofascial Release Techniques (MRT) , Graston Technique and functional rehabilitation to restore both normal motion and strength/support to the area. Low-intensity laser therapy may also be used to settle down inflammation and swelling.  In many cases, particularly in the absence of trauma, correction of muscle imbalances and biomechanical dysfunction will have to be addressed to fully resolve the condition.