Do you find it hard to stand with good posture? Most people know how to stand with correct posture, but can’t sustain it throughout the day without a lot of concentration on their part. We can offer a variety of therapies to correct this problem along side the pain or discomfort caused by years of sitting or standing at a desk.

How does working at a desk effect posture?

When you work at a desk (standing or sitting), your arms are forward on the mouse and keyboard and your neck is tilted forward to get a better view of the screen. This over time becomes the posture that your muscles are used to being in and will eventually become their default posture. Which is why it seems difficult to stand or sit any other way.                                         

Why is bad posture problematic?

The problem most commonly experienced is an achy annoying type of pain usually placed in-between the shoulder blades and the upper neck. This is because your pectorals (chest muscles), become shortened and strengthened while your rhomboid (muscles between shoulder blades), become stretched and weakened. When it comes to your neck it mostly comes down to relative weight. Did you know that the average head weighs between 10-11 pounds this is a weight that your neck muscles are designed to support. The problems arise when your head is carried forward which increases its relative weight up to four times its original weight depending on how forward it is carried.                                                

What can Fall River Chiropractic Clinic do to help?

At our clinic the therapists will treat your pain first whether that be through massage, chiropractic or acupuncture or a combination of the three is up to the individual. Next the therapist will focus on your posture and spinal alignment which will be addressed via chiropractic adjustments and or specific exercises to perform at home (these exercises can be emailed to you in video format). There are two main goals of your treatment: The first is to alleviate the pain or discomfort and the second and more important goal is to balance the strength and length of your muscles through exercises which will in turn make it feel more effortless and natural to stand with correct posture. This goal is more important that the first because it will decrease pain in the long term reducing or eliminating the need for further treatment.