Impingement / Syndrome

The shoulder joint is a very mobile joint, which allows us to reach and move the arm in all directions. Unfortunately, along with this increased mobility, joint stability is sacrificed and as a result the shoulder joint relies on muscular support to stabilize the joint and resist injury. Under normal conditions, as the arm is elevated the deep muscles of the shoulder must contract to hold the head of the humerus into the shoulder blade, effectively holding the upper arm onto the shoulder blade. When dysfunction exists this mechanism fails and the arm will slide upward and will become pinched on the overhanging acromion process. Overtime this will lead to inflammation on the top of the shoulder, resulting in a pinching type pain in the top of the shoulder when moving the arm overhead. When left untreated this has the potential to progress to a rotator cuff tear.

Our Approach

Treatment must be directed at correcting the abnormal tension and dysfunction within the shoulder muscles. This includes joint mobilization and Myofascial Release Technique (MRT)  to address soft tissue dysfunction and restore normal flexibility and function to the rotator cuff and surrounding musculature, and functional rehabilitative exercises to restore strength and control to the area.