Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation is a series of simple home-based exercises prescribed to re-train proper movement patterns. It helps re-establish normal coordination and integration of spinal and extremity function that has become altered and is preventing or interfering with daily activities.

It is important to realize that all the muscles and joints of the body must work together in a coordinated manner to achieve our specific activities of daily living. As dysfunction develops in one region, it can have an ill effect on other regions, resulting in further problems and the spread of pain and discomfort.

This comprehensive approach begins with identification of dysfunctional movement patterns – such as walking, running, bending, lifting, pushing/pulling, balance, or sport specific motions – and works to restore proper coordination and movement. This approach is often used as one part of your chiropractic treatment plan. You will likely also be receiving other treatments such as joint manipulation and MRT to treat local joint and muscle dysfunction. Functional Rehabilitation is usually used to complement other therapies provided. Spinal stability exercises is another form of rehabilitative exercises used to target spinal tissues of the body.

Spinal Stability Exercises